How To Build A Massive, Engaged Twitter Following

I’ve added thousands of new, targeted followers each month, and have seen marked improvements in engagement, traffic and subscribers. Now you can too.

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How To Build A Massive, Engaged Twitter Following

I’ve talked before about how much more important Followers over Follower Counts are, stressing the importance of having good, targeted followers. There’s no doubt that 10 really interested and engaged followers are far better than 1000 disinterested ones!

But at the same time, isn’t 100 interested followers better than 10? How about 1000?

While we don’t want to obsess over a "vanity metric" like follower count, the fact is, we all want more traffic, leads and sales! And finding more targeted followers on social media is a valid tactic for doing so.

In today’s article, we review how to make your Twitter profile a powerful part of your marketing strategy, and an effective tool for attracting really interested followers.

And I share 5 true Growth Hacks to accelerate the process. Ready to dig in?

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