SBI! for WordPress Feature: Learn About Your Competition – The SiteSell Blog

Learn how the Competitive Insights feature of SBI! for WP is used to discover and explore competitors for your keywords, and your business.

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Learn About Your Competition

If you aren’t paying attention to your competition, you may be missing out on real opportunities to grow your business.

Here’s how: 

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How To Be An Honest Blogger – The SiteSell Blog

People want to read, and do business with, those that they Know, Like, and Trust. It’s called Authenticity, and this is how you build it with your blog.

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Could You Be More Authentic?

Authenticity. It’s what everyone’s talking about, isn’t it? But what does that mean, really? Is it sharing each and every struggle and challenge you face? Is it talking even more about the food that you’re eating?

Probably not.

+Susanna Perkins explores this idea and has some very real, very actionable suggestions on How To Be An Honest Blogger on the+SiteSell blog today.

Take a look, and then come back and tell me what one thing you’re going to change about your blogging to make it more authentic.

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19 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Entrepreneurs – The SiteSell Blog

As entrepreneurs, we’re depending on people to find our content and learn about our business, so these search engine optimization tips will help.

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19 Search Engine Optimization Tips

When it comes to optimizing your blog posts, there are actually quite a few things that you can do to help those posts rank well with Google.

My own favorite is #19, Have A Strong Social Media Strategy. As +Rand Fishkin correctly points out, "Social is the way our work gets discovered."

Read on for the rest of the tips, and let me know which is your favorite!

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How to Market Your Products, Beat the Big Guys, and Build an Authentic Life for Yourself – The SiteSell Blog

Developing decks and fences is Richard’s passion. His SBI! site created so much buzz that customers now demand his products in stores across the country.

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Is it possible to live an authentic, fulfilled life, with a business that gives you a sense of deep purpose and that earns you and your family a full-time income?

Of course. And we love sharing stories of +SiteSell clients who have done exactly that. Here’s Richard’s.

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SBI! for WordPress and Yoast SEO Are Essential Plugins for Blogging

If you’re creating an Online Business and depending on search engines to drive traffic to your content, understanding what your audience is searching for, and making sure that the content you create is aligned with that specific need is paramount.

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Essential Plugins for Blogging

A couple of months ago I shared how well +Yoast’s SEO plugin pairs with +SiteSell’s SBI! for WordPress plugin. In case you missed it, I’ve updated the article and published to my own blog.

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Start Blogging Faster with Mike Allton

Successful blogging is a matter of both quantity and quality content. Blog more efficiently by using systems and tools to identify trending content.

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Start Blogging Faster

This was a fun interview I did with +Brent Jones where we talked about how I blog, and how I’m able to blog quickly.

It’s a quick listen due to some great editing. 🙂

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Want Site Visitors to Behave Differently? Change Your Site Design! – The SiteSell Blog

Your website design influences reader behavior more than you might think. If you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing, create a plan to change your site design.

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Are you paying enough attention to your site design?

Content is important, but how it is presented can be equally important – or detrimental!

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