Facebook Brings Notes Into The Future, And It Is Gorgeous

Facebook has rolled out an update to Notes to make it more beautiful and customizable, encouraging the writing and sharing of long-form content.

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Facebook Notes, Updated With Style

I tried the new Facebook Notes yesterday and I have to say, I was impressed.

More than just an improved note interface, this effectively plants Facebook in the middle of the struggle pitting different long-form platforms against each other.

LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, Tumblr… even Google+… are all vying for attention from content marketers looking to leverage technology and unique audiences to reach more people.

I think Facebook Notes stand to be extremely competitive. What do you think?

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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How To Use Facebook Notes

A complete guide to using Facebook’s upgraded Notes feature for reaching your audience.

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The new Facebook Notes is simply brilliant. The interface is gorgeous, and we’ve seen over time how well Facebook Notes can perform. This guide reviews what’s new and how to sue the feature to your advantage.

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Bigger, Braver, Bolder Content Marketing: 3 Examples from the Cutting-Room Floor of My Latest Presentation – Ann Handley – Content Marketing Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Soak up 3 examples from Ann Handley’s new presentation about creating bigger stories, braver marketing, and buff, ripped writing with bolder tone of voice.

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