The Best Social Media Management Tool for Smart Business Owners

Businesses today can’t afford to ignore all of the available social networks, which means you need a tool to help you keep on top of things. But which tool is best?

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What’s the BEST Social Media Management Tool?

We all know that businesses today can’t afford to completely ignore the many networks and social platforms where their audiences are already gathering. But how do you keep on top of everything? How do you juggle Twitter and Google+ and Facebook and LinkedIn… and more?

With a tool, of course. But there are even more tools to choose from than there are social networks.

For that, you need a set of criteria with which to evaluate a potential tool for your business. What features and benefits do the best social media management tools include?

In today’s article I offer what I think are the prerequisites for a business-class social media management tool, and my own recommendation for the tool that meets those requirements.

If there’s a requirement you think I’m missing, or if you want to make a case for your own favorite social media management tool, let’s hear it!

Thanks in advance for the shares and comments, and have a great weekend!

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