Why Haven’t You Set Up Facebook Authorship?

Facebook Authorship should have been swiftly adopted by every single blogger and journalist on the planet. Yet, strangely, that hasn’t been the case. These 4 myths may be holding you back.

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4 Facebook Authorship Myths Debunked

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been helping a lot of bloggers to get set up with Facebook Authorship. There’ve been technical questions and usage questions, to be sure. But what’s shocked me the most is how often I’ve seen active bloggers simply choose not to set this up.

And I think I know why.

4 Why’s, in fact.

If you’ve been holding off on doing anything with Facebook Authorship, you may be proceeding under a false assumption, and I’d like to clear that up for you right now, so that you can begin leveraging this feature to gain more targeted readers for your blog.

"I trust you’ll make the proper scientific analysis."

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