5 Reasons Social Dashboards Are Great For Business

There are a lot of different social listening dashboards that you can use to monitor activity of your followers and people interested in your brand. Here’s why.

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How Do Businesses Keep Up With Social Media?

It’s the underlying issue that plagues so many of the bloggers and business owners that I talk to. Not so much the changes, though those are overwhelming, as it is the sheer volume of activity and time required.

Posting status updates.
Responding to comments.
Monitoring key conversations.

That’s what’s overwhelming, particularly once you begin to have more than a couple social platforms involved.

And as +Wade Harman puts it, "once your business starts to grow and you start seeing more and more people gravitate toward your product, there is a chance that you could be left behind because of the simple fact that you just can’t keep up with everything."

That’s where Social Dashboards come in. If you aren’t yet using any kind of social media management tool, this guest post from Wade may be an eye-opener, and just the thing you needed to get moving in the right direction.

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What Do You Want To Know About Blogging?

Mike Allton and Jeff Sieh are creating an online course designed to help bloggers become better bloggers, but they want to hear from you. What do you want to know?

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What Do You Want To Know About Blogging?

+Jeff Sieh and I need your help. We’re building a complete online course to help bloggers become better bloggers, but at 39 modules and counting, we may be covering topics that aren’t of interest. Or we may need to spend more time and energy working to help you with other topics.

Please take a moment to review our proposed curriculum and give us some feedback. You can vote up or down the modules that interest you, and recommend others.

Thanks for your time!

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P.S. Please share this with anyone else that you know who is or would like to be a blogger, as we’d like to get input from as many bloggers as possible.

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SiteSell Helps Members Achieve Mobile-Readiness – The SiteSell Blog

By working with Google and providing key upgrades, SiteSell continues to support entrepreneurs seeking to grow their online business.

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In my latest blog post, I talk about how SiteSell worked to come up with solutions for their clients whose websites weren’t yet mobile-friendly, yet were facing Google’s deadline.

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How to Create Your Own Ebook Using Google Slides

Email-gating an ebook generates your business valuable and qualified leads who are already segmented and inches away from a final paid conversion. This is where you start.

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How to use Google Slides to Create Awesome Ebooks

I have seen it stated several times in recent months that presentation programs are superior to word processing programs when it comes to creating eBooks. But I had my doubts. Shouldn’t Word or Pages be best for creating books?

Once again, +James Scherer has set me straight.

In his latest guest post for +The Social Media Hat, James outlines exactly how he uses +Google Slides™ to create stunning ebooks. And includes step-by-step instructions and links to other resources.

If you have an ebook that needs sprucing up, or want to start using ebooks to generate leads for your business, this will help you tremendously.

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The Secret To Beating Google’s Algorithm Changes – The SiteSell Blog

Learn if and how Google’s upcoming change to their mobile search rankings will affect your website, and what you can do about it.

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Can You Should You Try to Beat Google?

I’ve heard a lot of chatter over the past month or two from angry business owners who resent Google’s upcoming algorithm change, and all of those that happened in the past. They tend to think of Google as the evil empire, altering the deal at every other turn.

In my latest post for +SiteSell – Creators of SBI! and bizXpress, I offer a different perspective, and a strategy for success that will put you in a position to be able to virtually ignore the changes being issued by Darth Sidious +Larry Page and his team.

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h/t +Mia Voss for the awesome video quote included below.

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