Why Linkbait Is Not The Evil Viper You Think It Is (And How To Use It To Gain Traffic)

Linkbait, while the name may sound bad or may even have some negative connotation in your mind, doesn’t have to be negative at all. It can and should be a productive aspect of your Content Marketing strategy.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Is Linkbait Evil?

It’s unfortunate that the content marketing industry has coined the term “linkbait” because the word bait (and even links to an extent) have such bad connotation sometimes.

The fact is, linkbait, if done properly, can actually be a very good thing. Even Matt Cutts from Google agrees, and said that, “content can be both white-hat and yet still be wonderful “bait” for links.”

So in today’s article, I wanted to dive into what linkbait actually is, how we go about creating it and defining it, and even trying to determine just how much linkbait we need. I also include 7 examples of the kinds of content that typically make for great linkbait.

Learn more: http://owl.li/ulSA8 

If you’re writing and blogging for your business, this is a concept and technique that you must learn and adopt.

And if you’ve shied away from creating “linkbait” in the past, what was it that stopped you? Is there a myth we need to bust?

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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