Google Plus Adds View Count to Profiles and Pages

While people and pages have always shown how many other people have circled them, Google has now added the ability to see how many times your profile or page has been Viewed. +Kenneth Manesse Sr. pointed out that now, on your profile page next to your follower count, there’s a new metric called Views. The metric is there for both personal profiles and business Pages.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Google+ View Counts for Profiles & Pages

If you’ve ever been curious just how many people have checked you out, or taken a look at your Page on Google+, now you can tell just be looking.

In an update first noted by +Kenneth Manesse Sr., profiles and Pages now sport a fancy “View Count” just under their profile image in their header.

Yet that may not be the most important news. For Pages, note that now, instead of a +1 count, your Page displays your follower count.

You Can No Longer +1 Pages

At first glance, I think this is a great improvement, as many business owners were confused over the value of a +1 vs. a follower for their Page. And it also offers Page visitors a clear call to action – follow us!

Take a look at your own View Counts and that of your business Page and let me know what you think! Do you like the new metric, and do you think the loss of +1 counts for Pages is a big deal?

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How to Use Visual Hierarchy To Create Clear and Easy-to-Read Web Pages

Imagine you’ve entered a cave.
Your eyes slowly adjust to your surroundings and begin to make out the shapes and forms around you.
You see three doorways: they’re equal in size, and all the same distance from where you stand.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Great advice here both for site design and for laying out individual blog posts.

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Sharing Content Via HootSuite Gets Faster and Easier

HootSuite has updated their extension today making it twice as fast as before. They’ve also redesigned the user interface to give it a new look with larger, bolder buttons so that it’s even easier to share or schedule your posts.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

HootSuite’s Hootlet Gets Faster & Easier

If you aren’t yet using HootSuite’s extension for Chrome, Hootlet, now’s a great time to get started. HootSuite just updated the extension making it twice as fast to load, and easier to use.

If you’re already using the extension, it will update automatically and you’re already enjoying the speed bump!

For more information about the update, and links to install the extension, read more:

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How to Find Content Marketing Success in 15 Hours a Week

How much spare time do you have on your hands? Are you running, or marketing, a small business, and haven’t eaten lunch anywhere other than your desk since 1994? You’re not alone. There’s a huge amount to know and do in online marketing, and not everything is as simple as Tweeting a Tweet or Posting a Post. You need to be creating content as well. And that’s something that, if you’re not careful, can take up your entire day. I know I need to create content. But why, again?

Mike Allton‘s insight:


According to +James Scherer“Content marketing works. It costs 62% less than traditional marketing avenues (do you even remember the Yellow Pages?) and delivers three times the leads. It has officially been ranked as the most effective strategy for SEO and website conversion rates are 6x higher for content creating businesses than businesses without content.”

So how do we actually do Content Marketing without it consuming our entire day?

That’s where this resource comes in. Learn how to focus your efforts and save time, and pick up some ideas on some great time-saving apps as well!

How much time are you currently spending on content marketing? Does 15 hours sound like too little, or way too much time?

Thanks, and have a great day!!

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