Your Blog Needs Passion and Props like a Great Professor

In your writing, you have to be passionate and excited about your topic, even if it’s as old and dry as an ancient English battlefield. Here are several tips and techniques to help you.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Is Your Blog a Boring Lecture?

There was a class at Ohio State that I used to dread having to attend. Soc 101. It was so dry and boring, it was a guaranteed nap time. And if it wasn’t required credit hours for incoming Freshmen, there’s no way I would have stuck through it.

The problem with a blog post that’s boring is that your readers aren’t required to read it. If you fail to capture their attention, they’re gone.

Your blog needs Passion and Props, like a Great Professor.

For instance, the use of visual aids like images or embedded video can not only help communicate your point, but also keep your readers actively engaged in the post so that they don’t lose interest.

And this is just one half a dozen or more ideas and suggestions I have for you and your blog, even if your topic is particularly boring.

Learn more: 

Within the post, I share some details of my own favorite college class. How about you? If you think about a favorite class or lecture that you attended, what stands out? What do you remember? 

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