Dyslexia And Overriding Webpage Fonts

It’s a shame that people with dyslexia must struggle when there may be an easy fix within reach of anyone with a computer. It’s all about changing the font. Some fonts are simply known to be easier for people with dyslexia to read.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Have Issues Reading the Web?

According to some estimates, Dyslexia affects as many as one in every four people. Which means that many of you are struggling to read this post.

+Varda Meyers Epstein has provided a resource though to help you quickly find settings within the major web browsers that can convert the fonts being displayed into better font choices that you will find far easier to read!

And for bloggers and publishers, I would encourage you to make yourselves more aware of how your font choices affect the readership of your content. When we revamped The Social Media Hat last month, this one was one of our concerns! We deliberately chose a sans-serif font and we display it in a larger size specifically to ease reading and comprehension.

To learn more, please take a moment to review Varda’s guest post below.

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