How to Blog Like Mike

Back in 1993, Michael Jordan was at the height of his professional basketball career.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

How to Blog Like Mike

I have received a lot of compliments lately about my blogging, particularly how fast I’m able to blog. Some have tagged them #MikeAlltonTime, called me the#BloggingBrute, and even said #BeLikeMike.

Well, I’m no Michael Jordan, but I’m happy to share my writing process and tips to those who are interested in the hope that some of what I do may be of help to you.

Today’s post digs into my own 5 P’s:

 – Preparation
 – Polish
 – Promotion
 – Practice
 – Patience

Drive down the court:

What does your own blogging process look like? Do you use Evernote as well, or something else for your actual writing?

Thanks, and have a great week!

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