Five Trends That Will Significantly Shape Content Marketing In 2014

In 2014, content marketing can be expected to run with the crown and be officially appointed the king of the web. Here are five trends to watch and be aware of to help you.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Are Your Blogging Ducks in a Row?

OK, those aren’t ducks in the image below… they’re origami cranes. And we’re actually talking about a lot more than just blogging today. While +Ross Simmonds has titled his post, “Five Trends That Will Significantly Shape Content Marketing In 2014,” if you read it I think you’ll agree it’s about far more than blogging and content marketing.

In this telling piece, Ross explains how Content and specifically Content Partnerships continue to replace traditional media ad buys on many levels. He also points out that while infographs will continue to be popular, the visual development and maturity of social networks makes the creation of visual assets in general a priority for marketers.

Rather than using a cute clip art of arrows rising (to signify trends) or something else that relates to content and marketing, I took the time to create an image that I knew would play better on Google+, Pinterest and Facebook… even Twitter and Instagram!

And Ross goes on to talk about how C-Suite executives are getting more involved, how the noise levels are increasing, and how content marketing is having an impact on SEO implementation techniques.

Learn more: 

It’s going to be an extremely exciting year in the world of content marketing, blogging & social media! Are you ready?

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