Pinterest for Men (HOA Video)

Jeff Sieh of His Design Online hosted a great panel of men who are on Google+ and Pinterest, including Stephan Hovnanian, Wade Harman, Les Dossey and Mike Allton, all giving their tips for men.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Pinterest for Men

In case you missed it, last night’s hangout with +Jeff Sieh+Les Dossey+Wade Harman+Stephan Hovnanian and myself was a blast. In fact, we probably had more fun than should be allowed for 5 guys sitting around, talking about Pinterest.

But for you guys who don’t yet get Pinterest and perhaps aren’t sure where to begin, either personally or to help your business, this 30-minute hangout is a great place to start. You’ll hear about:

1. Tips for men on how to use Google+ and Pinterest in harmony.
2. What does Pinterest offer men?
3. How does Pinterest help blogging and content marketing?
4. How can Pinterest help with Relationship Marketing and Networking?
5. Should bloggers use “Pin It For Later” links on Google+ posts, or not?

And many more tips and suggestions on how to get more from a network dominated by the prettier sex.

And honestly, for you ladies out there, I think you’ll enjoy the hangout and get a few tips yourselves.

So check it out, and be sure to follow the links below the vid to follow these guys on Pinterest. And if you have questions, shout ’em out in the comments below.

Thanks for watching!

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