Naming the Nameless: Google’s Quest to Deal in Real Names

Google has been insisting on the use of Real Names on Google+, and with the changes to YouTube comments requiring Google+ accounts, that reality is now hitting YouTube. Pros and cons?

Mike Allton‘s insight:

What do you think about being Anonymous on Social Media?

So while Google has tried to enforce the use of real names on Google+ for a while now, many of you have noticed that YouTube has adopted the Google+ comment system, requiring that anyone who wants to leave a comment must be logged into their Google+ account. That means that real names are becoming a requirement on Google+ and YouTube.

Many have appreciated these moves, while others have complained. And there’s an argument to be made for both sides. Guest blogger +Benjamin Taylor points out that the increased accountability comes at a cost of freedom of expression. And that while there may be a positive impact on interconnectivity, there’s actually a very real risk to people in some situations.

Read the full post:

What do you think about these changes, and the direction we’re headed? Do you appreciate Google forcing the use of real names, or do you think users have a right to be anonymous on social networks?

Thanks for your comments and opinions!

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