Should bloggers and businesses share old content?

We are going to dig into why you should indeed be sharing your old content, including which posts to share, some techniques for doing it, when to reshare, and ways to repurpose old content.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Should you share old content?

The question of whether or not businesses and bloggers should share and reshare their old content seems to be one of mild debate. I think most bloggers and social media marketers would agree that there’s a valid argument to be made for sharing those old posts, and correct methods for doing so. Yet I do see some people suggesting that such activity isn’t genuine and more like spam than efforts to create interest and engagement.

What do you think? Do you have an opinion either way?

Or, perhaps you’re a business or blogger who simply hasn’t realized the value or proper techniques for using that old content, and if that’s you, today’s article will be immensely helpful. 

Read what, why and how here: 

Covered in the article:

1. Why Businesses Should Reshare Evergreen Content
2. What Content Should Businesses Reshare?
3. How Should Businesses Reshare Old Content?
4. When Should Businesses Reshare Old Content?
5. What Tools Can Businesses Use to Reshare Old Content?
6. How Can Businesses Repurpose Old Content?

Let me know if you have an opinion on resharing old content, or if you have questions on how you can use your own blog archive.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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