Feeding off Each Other: How to Combine Social Media with Ecommerce

If you’re selling products online, you may be struggling with how to work social media into your marketing strategy. Sharing your latest specials just won’t work. Here are 5 ideas for you.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Using Social Media to Support Ecommerce

Do you have an online store? If so, you’ve probably noticed that getting traction for your store on social media can be challenging. Business owners that treat Facebook and Google+ as simple advertising venues to spam their latest specials go nowhere fast.

Developing relationships and engaging customers on social media is a slow process. It can be extremely rewarding, but should never be confused with more traditional marketing methods.

However, there are other ways that businesses can use social media to market to potential customers and drive traffic to their online stores and products. Guest writer+Rohan Ayyar walks us through several ways that businesses can combine social media with ecommerce and get results. With Cyber Monday coming up fast, now’s the time to jump on these techniques.

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