Google+ Notifications Are Changing, Again.

Just a couple weeks ago, Google changed all YouTube video comments to an integrated Google+ system. And today, Google is changing how the Notifications themselves are displayed. Again.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

BREAKING: Google+ Notifications are Changing. Again.

Have you noticed the changes to your Notifications yet? Are you scared? 😉

Last time Google messed with our notifications, there were quite a few Plussers who were none too happy. I, for one, liked the changes back then and am liking them so far now.

Clicked notifications automatically and immediately disappear, and there’s a clear distinction between new notifications and notifications I saw before but haven’t yet acted on.

For the full scoop, and a running tab of any additional changes noted, here’s the story:

What do you think so far?

Thanks for your comments and shares! 

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