Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, Oh My! Growing Membership Blogs via Social Media Accounts

For those organizations that haven’t yet started blogging, or are looking to grow their membership blog, here are some tips and tricks for using social media to promote your content.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Getting Started in Blogging and Social Media

If you aren’t yet blogging for your business and using social media to expand your reach and connect with more people, guest blogger Victoria Michelson has a wonderful little primer for you to review.

In it, she talks about the need to:

 – Be Invested In The Blog
 – Narrow Your Target
 – Develop a Presence On Social Media
 – Connect Your Blog
 – Publish In Both Places

Are you doing all these things? Where are you struggling with your blogging?

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Pin it here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/12666442675913430/ 

See on www.thesocialmediahat.com

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