5 Social Media Mistakes Businesses Are Making

More and more businesses are trying to use social media to promote themselves, but the fact is there are dozens of things these businesses are doing wrong. Here are 5 mistakes that can be easily fixed.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Are you making these social media mistakes?

Social Media for business isn’t exactly easy. There really is an art form to creating a presence on social networks that works for a business instead of against a business. And it’s made more complicated by the fact that every business and how they use social media needs to be unique. You can’t just replicate what other businesses are doing.

And yet many do, and many make a lot of other mistakes. +Jeremy Smith has focused on 5 mistakes that businesses are making every day, that are really hurting their ability to effectively leverage social media. Can you guess what some of them are?

Find out more: http://www.thesocialmediahat.com/blog/5-social-media-mistakes-businesses-are-making-11182013 

Would you agree that most social media mistakes boil down to these five issues?

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