Do Eskimos Tweet? A Rare Insight on Global Social Media Use

While most of our time may be spent on social networks with people from our own country, it’s interesting to see that social media is really a global phenomenon, and usage in other countries is high.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Do Eskimos Tweet? 

One of the interesting dynamics of social media that often gets lost in our day-to-day usage is the global nature of these platforms. I post in my own language, and most of my connections are from my own country, and only occasionally am I aware when I’m talking with someone from someplace else entirely – even though it happens all the time. 

I think it pays therefore to be reminded that social media has found its way into every corner of the globe. And in fact, the countries that are using Facebook and Twitter and Google+ the most might surprise you. 

For instance, did you know that Indonesia has the highest percentage of its citizens on Facebook at a whopping 92.9%? Or that China is the most active Twitter country in the world, despite having banned the service entirely? 

Belinda Summers shares these and several other interesting statistics and observations in her guest post as an insight into Global Social Media. I would encourage you to check it out; it’s a quick read, yet for many it may be very eye-opening. 

Read the full article here: 

From a business perspective (or even a personal one), how does this affect how you use social media? Does knowing that a significant percentage of users are from outside your country make you more or less interested in a particular platform? Do you do business outside of your country, and if so, have you obtained clients through social networks? (I do, and I have!) 

Thanks for reading, and for your comments and insights! 

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