How to Hone Your Social Media Skills Using HootSuite University

We are continuing our series on How to Make the Most of Your HootSuite Account by reviewing how to use HootSuite University to strengthen your understanding of the HootSuite tool and social media.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

An Easy Button for learning HootSuite and Social Media 

We’ve been digging deep into HootSuite as part of our series on the social media management tool, and of course I regularly publish articles on social media in general. But what if you need more? What if you need a structured format to your learning, perhaps with video and presentations and exams? 

Consider: HootSuite University 

HU is great for getting to know the dashboard and tool, but its real strength is in understanding social media in general. Like any great college, HootSuite University regularly brings in guest lecturers to discuss advanced topics like: 

 – The Redefinition of Traditional Media Models with Todd Defren 
 – Return on Influence: Personal Power on the Web with Mark Schaefer 
 – Science of Social Media: The Design and Engineering of Contagious Ideas With HubSpot 

If you’re a social media manager for clients or your own company, or if you have a large team managing social media for your corporation, HU is a brilliant and inexpensive investment. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all about HU and what you can get from it. 

Read the full article here: 

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