New HootSuite Feature: Clear Stream

HootSuite has added the ability to clear an entire stream of any posts that you’ve read, addressed or are otherwise obsolete, leaving only the posts that may still merit or require your attention.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Another New HootSuite Feature: Clear Streams 

One of the cool things that you can do with HootSuite is set up Twitter searches as saved Streams within a Tab, allowing you to easily see tweets from people that may represent client opportunities, influencers to engage with, or perhaps customer service needs. 

Now, you can clear entire streams of tweets that you’ve already addressed rather than re-reading the same tweets over and over, or leaving them for other Team members to try and figure out if they need to do something. 

This is just the latest   +HootSuite ‘s #HootHackFeature . To learn more, and see the other features that have been added recently, check out this morning’s post. 

Features like this, as I mentioned, are ideal for prospecting and customer service. Are you using your HootSuite Dashboard for these purposes? Are you actively using “social listening” techniques? If not, why not? Or if you’re using a tool or technique other than HootSuite, how is that working for you? 


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