Buffer App Includes Twitter Autocomplete and More

Buffer on the web and on mobile offers you the ability to begin typing in someone’s name or handle, and let Buffer autocomplete their Twitter handle for your selection.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Influencer Marketing via Buffer

Previously, +Buffer was great for sharing old posts, and spacing out your social media shares, so that you’re not spamming your networks. It creates consistent levels of activity, but the real engagement always needed to take place within the comments of the posts.

When considered from the perspective of Influencer Marketing, it wasn’t very easy to use the tool for that purpose. In order to engage influencers on Twitter, you would, of course, have to remember and type in their Twitter handle.

Now, however, Buffer has added Autocomplete to compose dialogues. When creating a tweet or editing a social share, you can begin typing someone’s name and select their correct Twitter handle from the suggestions. You’ll therefore mention them with your share and create opportunities for specific conversations.

Find out more about this update, and a couple of other cool aspects in this afternoon’s article below.

If you’ve never used Buffer or aren’t sure how it might fit into your social media strategy, leave your questions in the comments and I’ll help you out!

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