How to implement and use Pinterest Article Cards

Pinterest announced today in a blog post that much like their recipes and products, now articles will include information specific to the article like title and author and more.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Draw Attention to Articles on Pinterest

Pinterest has released “rich pin” capability for Articles, which means that articles pinned to Pinterest will include the story title, author, description and link. It’s a fantastic update that can really help businesses and content marketers get a little more attention and interest for their blogs and stories.

But implementing the capability isn’t as easy as Pinterest’s announcement might make it sound. You have to have specific Meta Tags implemented, like og:type in order for Pinterest to recognize the content and details.

Check out the article below to find out more, including what tags need to be implemented and where to go to test your updated articles. Just like Twitter, once you have implemented the meta tags you’ll need to have them validated in order for them to display correctly.

Are you excited for the new Pinterest cards?

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