How to Integrate Your MailChimp Email Campaigns with HootSuite

MailChimp’s app for HootSuite delivers detailed List and Campaign information and statistics, as well as great integration with HootSuite’s social sharing and profiling capability.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Email + Social Media

Many of us are using social media to drive traffic to our websites, and encouraging site visitors to sign up for our newsletters. And many of us are using both HootSuite and MailChimp to manage those tasks.

Did you know though that you can actually monitor and share your MailChimp campaigns from within HootSuite?

MailChimp has had an app within the HootSuite App Directory for a while now, but it’s been completely updated and comes with some fantastic reports and capabilities. From the basics of list subscriber counts and email open rates, to more advanced prospecting tools like searching for a Twitter user in your subscriber list and making annotations on their MailChimp profile.

To learn more, including how to get set up, take a look at today’s article below.

If you haven’t yet settled on a social media management tool or email marketing platform, I would certainly recommend giving +HootSuite and +MailChimp a closer look.


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