Why Chromecast Wins

Google announced today a new product that rivals Apple TV, Roku and others. Will it dominate the living room content delivery industry? I think so.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Chromecast Wins

I’ve had an Apple TV for a couple of years now, and love it. We use it every day to watch Netflix, and love being able to stream photographs and YouTube video.

And we’re done.

My frustration with Apple TV has stemmed from the fact that it’s limited in what it can do, and we wait a year or more between updates only to see very little change.

Today’s announcement from Google was earth shattering to the living room content delivery industry. Chromecast is now instantly the BEST content delivery device for your HD TV. End of debate. And it’s not just because it’s practically free.

Find out Why Chromecast Wins in today’s article. Thanks for your shares and comments – and please let me know if you agree or not!

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How to Set Up HootSuite for Social Media Success

How to Make the Most of Your HootSuite Account – a series from The Social Media Hat reviewing the nuts and bolts of this great social media management tool. This post summarizes and gets us started.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Need help using HootSuite?

I’ve mentioned and promoted +HootSuite many times, but haven’t gone deep into documenting and discussing everything that you can do with the social media management tool. So… [drumroll please] here’s the first post in my new series:

How to Make the Most of Your HootSuite Account

Today we focus on the benefits of using HootSuite, which plan to choose, and how to get your account started and set up.

Are you using HootSuite now? How has it helped your business and social media time? And if you have any questions at all, please share them! I’ll try to address them here or in a future blog post (or both!)

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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Healthcare and Social Media [infograph]

People will talk about anything on Facebook – even their surgery or their doctor. Here’s a look at what health-related issues people have reported talking about on social media.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Is your Doctor using Social Media?

More and more doctors and hospitals are using Social Media to engage their patients. And more and more people are talking about their own health issues and developments on social networks. The attached infograph includes some pretty interesting statistics on how both people and healthcare providers are using social media.

Do you think that’s a good thing? Are you comfortable sharing your personal health developments and issues to Facebook or Google+? If a Doctor tells you something via social media, are you more likely to believe it?

Personally, while I don’t typically share much about my personal health, I have no problem accepting advice and information from physicians online. What about you?

Thanks for your comments!

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How We Got 100 Reviews on the Google Apps Marketplace

Distribution through app marketplaces is the key weapon now in every app developers arsenal. And nothing helps your presence in a marketplace more than a bunch of positive, high quality reviews.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

The Science of Getting Positive Reviews

+Niraj Ranjan Rout is an app developer. When you’re marketing your app, she points out that one of the most critical points is the number of positive reviews that you have. Apps with few reviews are simply less likely to be downloaded than apps with many positive reviews.

And, like any good programmer, her team recognized this issue, set out to do something about it, and documented everything they did.

Niraj walks us though the automated and personal steps they took to ask for and encourage reviews, what worked and what didn’t.

And while the post is about their experience with the Google Apps Marketplace, many of these concepts can be applied to every business.

 – Ask for a review personally, and ask at the right time.
 – The importance of speed in customer support

…and more.

Read the full article here: http://ow.ly/mHjfe

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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