What You Should Know About Reticular Formation in Social Marketing

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In order to understand the psychology of your social media updates to drive traffic to your site, you have to first understand the ins and outs of a person’s psychological make-up.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

Are you boring your followers?

The human brain is an amazing organ. Have you ever noticed how someone can live next to a busy railroad and completely ignore it? It’s not that they don’t hear the noise – it’s that our brain is so powerful it can actually decide not to pay attention to what it knows is useless background sound. Yet, if there’s a strange noise downstairs at night, your brain will actually wake you up!

Understanding how that works, and what it has to do with social media marketing, is the topic of today’s fascinating guest post from +Wade Harman. Wade has been making a study of psychological triggers and has some interesting insights to share.

As easy example is the use of fear in advertising. What are some of the more blatant fear-based commercials or blog posts you’ve seen recently?

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