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Undertaking a content marketing strategy requires generating a consistent supply of…you guessed it, content. Whether you’re writing a monthly newsletter or your weekly blog post, updating your website, creating a video series or your latest webcast, you’ll need to collect, and bank, ideas. Having material “in the pipeline” and ready to publish can help avoid a last-minute scramble. Implementing a system to collect and archive material that you can easily refer to for your content creation can make the job a whole lot easier.  

Here are some of the methods and tools I use – try a few and see what works for you:


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Secret Tips to Using Google+ Circles

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Circles may be one of the most powerful tools within Google+. Find out how to use them, and how to leverage Circles to make your Google+ experience even richer.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

There are many great features within Google+, but Circles is one that you really need to master first in order to make the most of Google+. Setting up your Circles correctly will ensure that your Home stream isn’t a bunch of noise, and instead, is filled with lots of great information and conversations.

Take just a few minutes to review this guide and let me know if you have any questions at all.

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How to make Google your favorite Social Network

Google , if used correctly, can be an amazing asset to businesses. It starts with having a basic understanding of how to write a great profile, how to use Circles and status updates, and how to interact with other users.

One of the major reasons a lot of people still aren’t using Google+ is because it’s one more thing they need to learn, and there are a lot of difference from what they’re used to.

I know this isn’t the first or only guide to using Google+, but I wanted to provide the information in a way that would help people quickly get up and running and include the tools and understanding needed to really enjoy the platform.

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